The firm helps you grow both personally and professionally.

Learning from a collective of top talent

After university, I wanted to be an investment banker, given the job’s reputation as a top choice for finance graduates. Instead, my father advised me to apply to McKinsey, and I pleasantly discovered that the variety of work and the vast alumni network exceeded my expectations. I was excited for the opportunity to learn from top talent and experts while creating impact at such an early stage of my career. Having met friendly and inspiring people throughout the recruitment process, I knew that McKinsey was where I wanted to be.

Working closely with clients

I have had many valuable experiences at the firm, and I’m constantly excited to be working with a diverse group of people across a range of industries, which has helped develop and shaped my thinking. One of my most memorable engagements was when we served a client in growing a new mobile-banking business by organically tripling their customer base while strengthening partnerships with other organizations. Throughout this time, I worked closely with the client from all levels, and it was an amazing experience to be able to evaluate things from multiple perspectives—from strategy to implementation. Working closely with clients allowed me to fully understand how senior clients made decisions and what the impact on the organization would be to execute the plan.

Trust, autonomy, and feedback

The strong feedback culture that the firm and my colleagues live by has helped me grow exponentially, particularly when colleagues provide actionable suggestions on how I can continue to change and grow. In particular, this has helped me further strengthen my critical-thinking abilities and my confidence in being able to share my opinions with peers, colleagues, and others who have more experience than I do. Another key driver would be the high level of trust and autonomy we have in the firm, which includes every sort of responsibility, from performing analysis and driving our own work streams to leading senior client meetings.

Supportive colleagues who help you succeed

When I joined McKinsey, I had a challenging time adapting to the working environment and was dealing with a complex engagement and work stream. Thankfully, with the support of great colleagues, I was able to augment my self-confidence. The most unexpected thing I’ve found is that colleagues not only care about my professional development, but also care about my personal well-being and are more than willing to advise me on how to deal with challenges of life outside the office. Despite my familiarity with the firm’s reputation for its inspiring and friendly employees, I could not have imagined having such caring, understanding, and supportive colleagues.

Be confident to explore and get to know us

Get to know us! The Jakarta office regularly hosts networking sessions for those interested in the firm, and they’re great opportunities to ask us as many questions as possible. Also, get to know your fellow applicants, because they are the ones who understand what you are going through as you’re applying. McKinsey recruits applicants from various backgrounds, so be empowered to explore your options and get to know more about the firm, the work we do, and the community we have.


Bond University
BComm, accounting and finance