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Melvin Hade

Business analyst, Jakarta

What makes McKinsey truly special to me is our impact in Indonesia.

Choosing McKinsey

When deciding on where I would start my career, I chose McKinsey for four reasons: the exceptional quality of our people, our strong track record of serving the public sector, unrivaled impact in Indonesia, and our leadership in the management-consulting industry in Indonesia and the world. What makes McKinsey truly special to me is the impact we have in Indonesia, including our nonprofit work in Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI) and the McKinsey Give and Share (MGS) program that inspires under-represented Indonesian youth to dream big and pursue higher education. I am a product of the YLI program; I graduated among the top five in my class in 2016.

Rewarding and meaningful experiences

If I had to choose only one, my most memorable project thus far was the chance to work with one of the largest logistics companies in the country that is also a state-owned enterprise. I worked closely with the CEO and a minister in the Indonesian government. I personally led the workstream on public service obligation where I provided deep analysis on the current cost structure and identified opportunities to optimize in order to maintain good service for the public. The project resulted in positive and sustainable impact for the entire country. I am passionate about Indonesia, and knowing that this work is helping to improve economic development and is changing people’s lives is extremely rewarding.

Make your own McKinsey

I decided to apply to be the official delegate of Indonesia to the G20 Youth Summit 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The selection process was rigorous and time-consuming; I had to attend several interview sessions. McKinsey supported me every step of the way by allowing me to adopt a flexible working model throughout the course of the G20 selection process and by providing intellectual and knowledge support on key G20 issues to best represent Indonesia. They also supported my leave for the full duration of the summit when I was selected out of 1,200 applicants to be the official delegate. This experience taught me that the firm will always support me in pursuing something positive—for my own personal development and/or for the benefit of my country.

Partnering with people around the world

McKinsey is truly a global firm. I experienced this firsthand during a telecommunications project in Southeast Asia. Our team included members from five different nations: Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia. We all brought unique perspectives and skills to the project. Regardless of our different backgrounds, cultures, and languages, we were all firm members bringing the best of McKinsey, collaborating, and working together for the benefit of our client.

Advice for those considering McKinsey

Meet and get to know our people. McKinsey is more than just a workplace; it is a family. Our people are a great reflection of the firm, our values, and the work we are doing with our clients. There are many ways to meet our people, including recruiting events, university roadshows, public office events, or casual gatherings outside of the office. I’ve been able to get to know people in the region through supporting our recruiting efforts, and I’ve found it rewarding to spend time outside of work talking about McKinsey with people who are interested in joining.


University of Indonesia
BA, economics and finance