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Margareth Theodora

Professional Development and Staffing Coordinator, Jakarta

The work we do creates meaningful impact.

Challenge accepted

When I first heard about the work McKinsey was doing, I was drawn towards the unique and challenging opportunity. The diversity of client work and people as well as the supportive infrastructure ranging from the various training and learning courses to the extensive mentoring and coaching we receive, were key driving factors that attracted me to the firm. I was previously an interpreter and for six years, I worked with McKinsey where I was involved in over ten engagements across primarily the energy, public sector and telecommunications industry in Indonesia. Some of my most memorable moments included going to coal mines and forests in Borneo, which was as exciting as joining meetings with Ministers, governors and chief executive officers.

Lasting global impact

Having worked closely with McKinsey as an interpreter I was surprised to receive a message from a McKinsey colleague—someone I worked with once five years ago. I was even more surprised that she not only remembered my work, but also when she presented with an amazing opportunity—my current role in professional development! It was a reminder of how impactful my work was, and of the incredible opportunities I had access to. With the firm constantly moving their people around the world, it is important to realize that each day might be our last opportunity to work with the same McKinsey colleagues, teams or clients—You should always make an effort to do your best working together with them!

A unique insight

One of my most memorable engagements was working with a Southeast Asian ministry. The project involved the transformation of public services and gave me the rare opportunity to have an 'insider's look' into the inner schematics of their processes. Our team tirelessly worked with the clients to solve multi-dimensional issues for the country which I personally found to be a powerful illustration of how clear and constructive contributions to issues could create meaningful impact.

Learning never stops

The firm provides extensive resources for continuous and flexible learning as well as the opportunity to reflect and shape your own development. Colleagues are also incredibly supportive of development and are always willing to offer help and advice in any given situation, both from a professional and personal standpoint. Since joining McKinsey, I’ve been positively pushed to continuously learn and develop particularly in developing confidence in creative thinking and voicing my opinion on related issues.

McKinsey is one of a kind

McKinsey is truly a one-of-a-kind firm that I have had the privilege to be part of. The non-hierarchical nature of the firm and the structured approach in everything we do is not something I have seen replicated in other organizations. Regardless of your background, if you are passionate about learning and solving challenging problems, then McKinsey is the place to do it.


University of Indonesia
MEng, project management

Bandung Institute
BEng, civil engineering