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Life as a Consultant

We are committed to helping you make your mark wherever you work, with both clients and colleagues.

The way we work

Our clients grapple with tough questions: how to improve operations to become globally competitive, how to plan for and manage expansion into growth markets in the region, and how to put in place organizational structures and processes that drive innovation and long-term performance.

In every project, our teams share a structured problem-solving approach where all opinions and options are considered, researched, and analyzed to come up with recommendations. McKinsey projects typically last 1 to 6 months, so each new project is another opportunity to learn and grow.

Make your own McKinsey

We are committed to helping you make your mark wherever you work, with both clients and colleagues. We provide tools distilled from previous work and access to an extensive team of experts in all sectors and functions.

The variety of projects and clients means that our consultants often take varied paths throughout their careers at McKinsey—and beyond. Based on their experience, our consultants usually focus on a specific function or industry.

McKinsey has more than 100 offices worldwide. Through client work, training programs abroad, and office exchanges and transfers, our consultants have plenty of opportunities to see the world. Consultants from our Indonesia office have the opportunities to work in countries across Southeast Asia and beyond.

Development opportunities

With excellent training programs, a team-based approach, commitment to mentoring, and a global presence, McKinsey offers tremendous opportunities for professional development and personal growth. Globally, we invest more than $100 million in training annually. In Southeast Asia, our connectivity and capability events—often held off-site in some of the region’s most attractive destinations—build skills and friendships at the same time.

Work-life journey

Our “Take Time” program allows consultants to take time off between engagements to pursue personal interests and passions, including travel and further study.

You can learn more about how meaningful our “Take Time” program is to our people by watching and reading their personal stories on our global site.

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