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Andira Putri


Creating lasting impact for our clients and for Jakarta.

Unleashing Indonesia’s potential

Joining McKinsey was a dream come true for me; I had been attracted to the firm because of its fast-paced environment, variety of industries to work in, and most importantly, its diversity. What sets the Jakarta office apart is that it offers more than just the opportunity to learn and develop yourself; it also presents the opportunity to be involved in unlocking Indonesia’s potential, both by helping our clients with their toughest challenges and through our nonprofit work, such as Young Leaders for Indonesia. As a young Indonesian, I am keen to do my part to mentor others both within and outside the firm, and I’m excited to be able to share these aspirations with a supportive community in the office.

Making a real difference in people's lives

The most rewarding part of my McKinsey journey is building close relationships with clients and being able to listen to them describe how our work has significantly improved their quality of life. For me, one of the most satisfying parts of being at the firm is creating positive, long-lasting impact through our work; perhaps the most memorable example of this was a project where we generated this sort of impact by reaching the unbankable in a country in Asia. I love how the firm itself values the results we engender, and I’m constantly excited that we are doing work that yields significant impact throughout Indonesia.

No McKinsey journey is the same

The McKinsey community is as diverse as it’s ever been in terms of experiences and passions. People who join McKinsey are encouraged to integrate their identities and personal experiences with the firm, and I’m always excited to hear their stories. For example, I have colleagues who have come from tech and medical backgrounds. And even within the firm, no two McKinsey journeys are the same; everyone has varying professional experiences, ranging from careers in consumer work to mining work. I am often inspired by the conversations I have with my colleagues, and these interactions help me grow by encouraging me to keep an open mind in life.

A strong support system

The firm has a great support system—within our local offices, around the globe, and through our alumni network—so you will never be alone in your McKinsey journey. There are always colleagues who are willing to help with valuable advice, as they’ve likely gone through similar challenges. I’ve found the Jakarta office has a particularly strong community, where we are friends beyond the workplace. This support system not only helps get me through challenging projects and professional questions, but also has helped me develop as an individual.

We’re looking for passionate people

I would encourage those who are interested in applying to McKinsey not to be intimidated by the firm’s reputation for excellence when it comes to recruiting the best local and global talent. Talk to us and find out more about the firm to see if it’s a good fit for you and whether you’d be excited by the work we do. Being at McKinsey is all about being passionate and creating lasting impact, challenging yourself to grow professionally, trying something new, and most importantly, learning from a diverse group of people whose personal and professional experiences will undoubtedly broaden your own.


University of Sydney
BComm, marketing and finance