McKinsey is constantly innovating, from our approach to problem solving to using technologies and offering new delivery models.

An aspirational skill set

My first exposure to McKinsey came during my MSc program, when alumni of the firm coordinated some of our work. What impressed me most was their unique approach to solving problems and managing people. I became hooked on the idea of joining the team and having an opportunity to develop the same skill set. In later years, I focused my career on advanced analytics and the use of data science to accelerate business performance. My projects required a combination of data skills and management-consulting techniques, and that naturally led me to McKinsey.

A unique value proposition

Through McKinsey Solutions, the firm has become a hub for analytics talent and successfully incorporated data science into its core services. At the Budapest office, I currently work for Periscope—the largest solution in McKinsey Solutions—which harnesses big data to help clients optimize their pricing and margins. McKinsey is at the cutting edge of big data and machine leaning, constantly generating innovative approaches to leverage technologies and experiment with new delivery models.

Exceptional colleagues

Some of the smartest and most interesting people I know are my colleagues, and I consider it a privilege to learn from them. In McKinsey’s culture, everyone is eager to help, to share feedback, and to support your professional and personal development.

Diverse career tracks

I find the breadth of opportunities at McKinsey unparalleled. From the classic consulting track to the new delivery models, which have a start-up culture of their own, the firm offers numerous possibilities for growth and development. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of McKinsey is the way it encourages and supports new ideas and initiatives. If you have a good proposal, you may suddenly find yourself pitching it to an evaluation board and negotiating the budget to make it happen.


Aarhus School of Business, Denmark
MSc, international economic consulting