Inspirational colleagues and solid values are important to me. That, coupled with endless opportunities to grow, is why I am here.

Inspired by colleagues in innovative client service

I had over 16 years of work experience when I joined McKinsey Implementation (MI).

The job description was very exciting, and it seemed a fantastic growth opportunity for me—I didn't hesitate to apply. MI is one of several innovative client-service models and solutions blossoming in the Budapest office, working with our traditional integrative consulting colleagues—others include McKinsey Digital Labs, Finalta, Fintech, Panorama, and Periscope. We work together seamlessly to bring fresh ideas and the greatest impact to our clients. These teams together make it a diverse, vibrant, and truly inspiring place.

Meaningful client relationships

My very first project started with a 2-day field visit involving roundtable discussions and problem solving at a client site. The following week, I joined the McKinsey team meeting as a new member. Unexpectedly, our client interrupted the meeting, turned to me, and asked for my opinion. I had shared my relevant experience during the field visit and he saw me as a credible source of input—after only 2 days on the project! To build trust with our clients, I make a point of understanding their aspirations and problems, empathizing with the organizational experiences they are going through. I also keep myself current of the latest within and outside McKinsey to stay insightful and bring the best of the firm to our clients. We stay in touch well beyond our joint projects, and client relationships often turn into friendships over time.

Surprisingly diverse backgrounds

I work with people from our office and across the globe. Their stories keep me so inspired. We have psychologists, architects, soldiers, doctors, nuclear physicists, and lawyers, all working on our clients’ most challenging business issues. Clients also value being able to connect with senior industry professionals, as my own experience in MI shows. My IT and business background are not unusual at McKinsey, and what seem to also work well with clients are the organizational leadership and hands-on functional expertise I brought.

Regardless of your background, your unique skills and competencies will augment the capabilities of your teams, and you will surely find your own way to make a difference for our clients. Just bring your passion and commitment—and enjoy the journey of growth and learning as part of truly awesome McKinsey teams.


Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College

Technical University of Budapest
MSc, computer engineering