McKinsey is the perfect place for self-realization. You face new opportunities and challenges every day.

Entrepreneurs and team players

“Make your own McKinsey” is a phrase we often hear in our firm, where everyone is encouraged to be an entrepreneur as well as a strong team player.

If you have a great idea, you will get support to develop it.

I experienced this reality in one of my earliest engagements. After the first week on-site, we saw that the standard methodology would not build the right level of understanding and support. I therefore decided to develop coaching relationships with key middle managers and experts. It took me three to four weeks to build the right level of trust, connection, and acceptance—and then the program's performance started to improve dramatically. In the end, this group overshot its own improvement targets by 30 percent. The most inspiring part was seeing people overcome their barriers and gain recognition in their organization.

Creative spirit in practice

The Budapest office embodies this creative spirit: it hosts many of our new client-service initiatives, such as McKinsey Implementation, McKinsey Solutions and McKinsey Digital Labs. My talented and accomplished colleagues work with clients and with knowledge initiatives. I know that whatever new project comes in from anywhere in the world, we have a strong team, with global support, to deliver results. Creative, self-driven people have opportunities to join this great organization, at any stage of their careers.

Sustainable and measurable impact

McKinsey Implementation (MI), the practice I joined, aims to have a long-term impact on clients, using analytical problem solving, capability building, and people development to help them execute their initiatives. We provide an implementation framework and offer support throughout the whole process.  A key element of MI is an objective measurement system to make sure that changes have a financial and operational impact. Our goal is to help the client sustain and track improvements even after the McKinsey team has left. The highest personal reward in this job is seeing your efforts produced tangible benefits—and happier people!


University of Economic Sciences, Budapest
MPhil, finance

CFA Institute
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