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At McKinsey you’re guaranteed to work on relevant issues—and you’ll have a material impact on products, processes, people, and organizations.

See the difference you make

I’m a car designer by training, and many people ask me why I chose consulting over a career in the automotive industry.

My answer is clear: at McKinsey, you work on highly relevant, large-scale projects from day one. Early in my career here I helped develop a new engine for an automotive client. Recently I drove a car made by that company, and I could actually feel how differently the engine behaved—just as we had specified in our project, after our extensive benchmarking process.

Add value to different industries across the globe

Another aspect of McKinsey that is so appealing is the incredible variety of work. Besides my automotive clients, their suppliers and related enterprises, I often work with energy companies and other industrial firms. I have worked in a number of industries across the globe, and it is fascinating to compare their differences and similarities, and see how lessons learned in one industry can be applied to another. At McKinsey we foster this learning on a daily basis.

Watch your clients grow

In my time with McKinsey I have developed deep relationships with my clients, and it is a pleasure to watch individuals progress in their careers as their companies grow. It is very rewarding to see an entire organization transform as its people work hand in hand with our teams.


London Business School

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
PhD, automotive engineering

Corvinus University, Budapest
MSc, economics