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Associate, Athens

Curiosity rewarded

My decision to join McKinsey was driven by my passion to learn, diversify, expand my knowledge and expertise, and work in challenging and multinational environments. I wanted to go beyond just solving engineering problems and pursue a career driven by curiosity.

Diversity of experience

The professional journey at McKinsey is a unique intellectual opportunity. In the short time I have been here, I have already worked on international teams, with clients in five different industries, and on diverse topics. In the most exciting project, our team helped a client design from scratch the biggest retail-network-rollout initiative in Europe and ensure it was ready for a successful commercial launch. This was very challenging, given the tight deadlines and the constraints of a heavily regulated market.

Nevertheless, working hand in hand with the client was incredibly rewarding. Such experiences have allowed me to broaden my thought processes and creatively adapt and apply best practices to my next endeavors. In this way, my professional skills can ultimately contribute to the overall development of the markets in which our clients operate. My knowledge will soon be enhanced, as McKinsey is sponsoring my MBA at INSEAD, and I look forward to bringing new skills back to clients.

The extra mile

McKinsey’s greatest asset is definitely its people—a unique group of high-caliber friends and professionals; leaders who truly care about their teams, show empathy toward their clients, and are eager to run the extra mile no matter the effort required. The strength of McKinsey’s people is an especially evident in our Athens office, which, because of its family-like size and character, encourages the development of relationships governed by trust, respect, and an enhanced team spirit.



National Technical University of Athens
Master’s, mechanical engineering; MSc, energy production and management