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Associate Partner, Athens

From theory to impact

Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of life as a McKinsey consultant is solving practical problems that are important to our clients. Before I joined, I expected to see a group of smart people dealing with high-level strategic challenges. The people are definitely intelligent, but we also get our hands into the detail. People like me who have engineering backgrounds develop analytical thinking during their studies but rarely apply them in other situations. However, I’ve been able to move from the theory of engineering to the reality of management.

The Athens family

The family spirit sets Athens apart from other McKinsey offices. The relationships you build here extend beyond work and remain even after someone leaves the office. There’s also a real focus on supporting people’s development. I still remember how much time a senior partner carved out to help me with MBA applications. We had long discussions on which school was right for me and editing sessions on application essays. I ended up going to Harvard Business School, an incredible 2-year journey that enabled me to bring back the latest business thinking to some of the biggest companies in Greece and the wider region.

Global mentality

I relish the chance to work with some exciting companies in Greece, but we also have the benefit of being part of a global organization with a “one firm” mentality. This means you can pick an industry or function that excites you and reach out to the people who focus on it for opportunities anywhere in the world. My deep-seated interest in energy and basic materials has opened up opportunities to explore the Middle East, to work on operational improvements on smelter-shop floors, while my dedication to risk management took me to Austria to take up the challenge of capital and liquidity optimization. No matter the sector or the region, what makes a project successful is strong analytical thinking, the ability to structure a problem, and creativity in developing solutions.


Harvard Business School

National Technical University of Athens
Dipl. Ing. (Masters), civil engineering