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Associate Partner, Athens

Getting on the train

When I think about my experience with McKinsey, I picture it as a fast-moving train that has taken me across places, teams, clients, and challenges.

You might say that I joined McKinsey by pure chance—I applied for a business event, which led to a recruiting process, which led to a consulting-job offer while I was still an undergraduate. I knew little about consulting and even less about how the journey would evolve. But I was eager to learn and grow. And I definitely learned a lot in the next 3 years. I learned about banks, insurance companies, consumer-goods players, energy producers, and postal operators; I also learned about how large corporations work and what their typical challenges are.

I worked on a diverse set of topics—from developing a new HR-management tool for a bank to optimizing distributor management for a beer company to reviewing the growth potential of a footwear player, just to mention a few. All these projects required an equally wide-ranging set of activities—data analysis, workshop preparation, mystery shopping, process mapping, market-research design, and so on. Moreover, I developed personally in many dimensions—working with teams, handling difficult discussions, planning and prioritizing, recognizing, and building on my strengths.

Global opportunities

My next stop was an MBA in Singapore. This was a great opportunity to meet a diverse group of young professionals from across the world and consider my career path—and also to experience Southeast Asia, which is such an exciting and dynamic region. I rejoined the Athens office in 2011 and have since worked for clients in the financial, consumer-goods, and retail sectors in multiple locations, including Dubai, Hong Kong, Moscow, Istanbul, Sofia, Amsterdam, Brussels, and of course, Athens.

There are so many moments that have made this journey colorful, intense, and memorable. What truly makes it special, though, is the people that I have shared it with. For me, the challenging minds, generous hearts, and good senses of humor of my colleagues is what makes McKinsey stand out—and what makes the Athens office a great place to work.



University of Piraeus
BSc, banking and finance