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Business Analyst, Athens

Unparalleled opportunities

As graduation came ever closer, I started wondering what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve always been enthusiastic about solving tough problems and challenging myself by trying new things. It felt like McKinsey could be the right place, and during my very first recruiting event, I realized it was.

A little more than a year later, I can say without hesitation that this has been the most rewarding period in my life. As a business analyst, McKinsey has given me the chance to work on problems that matter to the largest organizations—both in Greece and globally—from day one. The range of opportunities is unparalleled, whether it’s helping leading institutions in Western Europe and the Middle East grow or supporting clients in Southeastern Europe to overcome their challenges. At McKinsey, you’re always free to pursue your passion, no matter what that is.

People matter

I’ve met people from a wide range of backgrounds, who all have a great story to tell. One day you’re working with someone who was hired in Frankfurt but wanted to work in Greece for her first project; the next, you’re talking with someone who was an Olympic athlete before joining the firm. No matter the background, everyone is open and willing to help you achieve your goals both professionally and personally.

Indeed, professional development is the core of the McKinsey culture. From the start, I’ve participated in many training sessions (it doesn’t hurt that they’re often week-long events in beautiful locations abroad with a mix of colleagues from all over the world). And in 2016, I started my sponsored MBA at MIT in the US.

Keeping on your toes

No two days are the same. As a business analyst, you can swing from working with people from the client in overcoming business challenges to flying off to help with a presentation to a CEO. There are always chances to step up and try things you’ve never even thought of before. This atmosphere offers opportunities to grow at an unrivalled pace.

I’ve had the chance to work in multiple locations around the globe and to learn how different cultures affect the way leading organizations conduct business. But even though McKinsey may be a global firm, every office is unique. The Athens office has enabled me to stay in Greece but work worldwide. I’ve switched countries every 2 to 3 months over the past year, but I always come back to Greece for the weekend—and I’ve created friendships at the Athens office that really go beyond work.


National Technical University of Athens
MEng, electrical and computer engineering