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A one-of-a-kind learning journey designed to help young leaders thrive


Our Program

Designed for young professionals with one to five years of work experience, Forward’s three-level learning journey focuses on practical skills needed to thrive today and in the future. These include problem-solving, communication, digital, and emotional-intelligence skills. Forward is delivered through highly interactive digital content, immersive virtual learning events, and support from a global network of peers. It is free of charge for eligible participants.

Foundation level

Discover critical skills needed to thrive with highly interactive, self-paced digital courses. You will be introduced to several practical tools such as adaptability, effective communication, problem solving, and new ways of working in a digital world.

Advanced level

See your newfound skills come to life through an immersive journey of advanced digital content, bespoke virtual learning events, and a collaborative group assignment. Learn from McKinsey experts and your fellow Forward participants.

Network level 

Join a vibrant global network of Forward alumni and get access to further learning and networking events. Help shape the future of the Forward program as a Forward ambassador or coach.

Social responsibility at McKinsey

Social Responsibility 

We make our people, expertise, and tools available, and work with others to take significant and lasting action on social issues. 

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