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Life as a Consultant

I enjoy longer change projects where we work onsite with clients on very concrete things – it is a great feeling when you can bring true value to the company you are helping.

— Sara, Associate

Office culture

Given McKinsey’s team-driven culture, consultants in the Finland office spend a great deal of time together. We help clients and one another address top-level, strategic concerns. We work hard—but the friendships we develop with our clients and colleagues often last a lifetime.

When you come to McKinsey’s Finland office, you will join a community of people who share your passion to develop, experience, and contribute, and who enjoy spending time together. We have an office quartet, cross-fitness and running enthusiasts, and frequent Friday bars and social events. Our annual family Christmas party is a long-standing tradition, as is our crayfish party each August.

Because we work closely with our clients to build new and sustainable capabilities, our teams usually work at the client’s offices Monday through Thursday, and then return to the home office—located right in the heart of Helsinki center at Eteläesplanadi 18—each Friday. This means for those consultants who are working outside of Finland, time away from home is limited to three nights a week. We all get a chance to connect with each other at least one full day a week—for example, during our Friday lunch.

The bar to join McKinsey is high, and we look for the most talented students and experienced professionals of this generation. We care deeply about each person who joins the office, and we are committed to their success. Our staffing coordinator will help to incorporate your personal needs and requests into staffing decisions. As a member of our global management-consulting firm, you will have opportunities to advise leading organisations in Finland, as well as globally. Many very talented individuals choose to join McKinsey Finland because we can offer a truly global path to leadership. As long as you are eager to learn, we’ll provide you with the resources and tools you need.

Development opportunities

McKinsey is a meritocracy. Your progress depends on what you contribute, and we invest enormous resources in helping you develop. You will be on a fast track from the beginning. In your first 2 years alone we will give you 8 weeks of training on basic consulting, advanced problem solving, leadership, and client-relationship skills.

All our consultants attend a training session with colleagues from other offices roughly every 18 months. These sessions give you a chance to build a network of peers across the world, and deepen your knowledge, confidence, and skills.

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