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Are you my next team member?

Experience firsthand what it is like to work as a member of a consulting team.

Join McKinsey Finland as an intern in our Helsinki office, and work alongside consultants on actual business challenges and client projects. In Finland, our internship program is designed to provide several different experiences over an 8-12 week period.

As an intern with us, you are an active team member and will be responsible for numerous contributions, such as gathering and analyzing information, preparing client presentations, helping solve critical issues, meeting client teams, preparing proposals and communications, and presenting findings to senior client executives. Experienced consultants will provide guidance and coaching and give you a sense of McKinsey’s people, values, and spirit.

How and when to apply

We welcome applications from students at undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels from the broadest possible range of universities and degree programs both in Finland, and outside of Finland. The only minimum requirement is 80 credits. You do not, for instance have to have completed your BSc to apply for the internship program.

We will recruit as many brilliant individuals as we can find. There is no upper limit on how many internship positions we can offer for each year. The timing of your internship is flexible, with most interns joining us in spring, fall, or winter. We will mutually agree on a suitable start date with those candidates who receive an offer to join.

To complete your application, you will need your CV, cover letter, university grade transcripts, as well as matriculation exam results. As well as listing your academic achievements in your CV, please tell us about extracurricular interests such as voluntary work, sporting achievements, musical accomplishment and entrepreneurial activities.

If you are applying for an internship with McKinsey Digital, please indicate this preference in your application.

Current Intake Window

Application Deadline

April 25, 2021

Please submit CV and cover letter in English, as well as copies of your grades. Applicants receive feedback within two weeks after application deadline.
Problem Solving Game Deadline

May 7, 2021

You are invited to take our gamified assessment which tests your intrinsic problem-solving skills. No preparation is required for this game. After playing the game, you receive feedback on if you proceed to interviews.
First Round of Interviews

May 21 or May 28, 2021

We invite you to two one-hour interviews with McKinsey consultants. Invited candidates will receive interview coaching.
Second Round of Interviews

May 28 or June 4, 2021

In the final step of our process, you will meet with two McKinsey partners. Candidates will receive feedback within a week from final round interviews.

What we look for

We are, always, looking for passionate people—share your passion with us, and let us know what excites you about an internship at McKinsey.

Our internship program is meant for students who have a strong interest in joining McKinsey Finland and pursuing a long-term career with us. We consider four dimensions when evaluating potential new colleagues: problem-solving skills, personal impact, leadership abilities, and entrepreneurial drive.

You can learn more about these dimensions on our global careers site.

Our interview process

Our internship interview process has the same set up as our full-time interview process. The process starts with our gamified assessment which tests your intrinsic problem-solving skills. No preparation is required for this game. After playing the game, you receive feedback on if you proceed to interviews.

If there is mutual interest to proceed thereafter, you will be invited to two one-hour interviews with consultants from our office. If successful, you will be invited back for a final round of interviews, comprising two additional one-hour interviews with partners from our office.

During all interview rounds, you will run through a problem-solving case as well as have conversations about your personal experiences with focus on our four dimensions.

In between each interview, you will receive helpful feedback, and we offer all candidates the opportunity to meet with an experienced coach to help you prepare.

Detailed information about our interview process can be found on our global careers site.

What to expect on day 1

When you join as an intern, it is important to us that your internship experience is representative of a full-time career at McKinsey. You will have the same introduction to the office and resources available to you as our full-time employees, including personalized conversations to ensure you are assigned studies that are a good fit for you and your interests, mentorship through our “buddy system,” and a cohort of new hires to help jump-start your integration into the office.

We support internships abroad

Our internships are always personalized to fit the intern’s interests and needs. One of our most important values is to ensure talented people are quickly presented with opportunities that use and strengthen their skills and passions. We can do this because we work with and shape the direction of globally leading clients, from 90 of the world’s top 100 corporations, to NGOs, foundations, and more than 90 national governments. Therefore, we offer those interns who are interested in an international experience the chance to do client work with international teams.

What happens after the internship

We want you to walk away from your internship with as positive an experience as possible, having learned many new skills and gained exposure to the impactful client work we do. Our hope is that you will return after graduation and join us on a full-time basis.


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