Going 4.0-ward

Event Program

Going 4.0-ward

Event Program

Gain firsthand consulting experience in McKinsey’s Operations Practice.

Learn what it means to set a decisive course and how to ensure continuous improvement—in production processes, for example. Get hands-on experience of Industry 4.0 technologies and create more efficiency through transformation.

Going 4.0-ward is a unique event where you can acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve sustainable improvements.

Going 4.0-ward is a unique event where you can acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve sustainable improvements. As a participant you not only learn about the impact of changes in technical management as well as in mindsets and behavior—you experience it first-hand. With us, you can learn to understand the principles of Industry 4.0 and how they relate to businesses. Consultants from our Operations Practice are eager to share their passion for digital operations with you, and tell you about their work with clients from a variety of industries.

During the workshop you will learn how to identify key improvement areas and promising digital solutions while gaining hands-on experience with real digital applications, real operators, and real products. Moreover, you will find out how to design new processes to capture the full value of a digital transformation.

At the end of the event, we will discuss and highlight the day’s experiences and insights together. Our experienced consultants will be on-hand throughout the event, ready to talk through any area of operations or offer advice regarding professional development.

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Read about how we combine strategic thinking with hands-on pragmatism to help our clients achieve world-class operations.

Location details

DCC Aachen

Digital Capability Center (DCC) Aachen

Digital Capability Center (DCC) Aachen

DCC Aachen was founded by McKinsey and ITA Academy GmbH as a joint partnership with PTC and leading technology providers.

It contains a complete production line that serves as a model factory and showcase for multiple digital improvement applications. The line encompasses multiple production steps, from warping to final assembly to testing.

DCC Aachen is part of a global network of capability centers set up by McKinsey in collaboration with leading universities and technology providers. Other digital capability centers are located in Chicago, Venice, Beijing, and Singapore.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 in production

Industry 4.0 spans an amazing array of digital technologies that are set to change industrial and commercial operations beyond recognition. These technologies, driven by the astonishing rise in data volumes, computing power, and connectivity, are giving companies new ways to compete and win.

Companies can use digital technologies to reach higher levels of operational effectiveness. These rewards are inspiring managers to rethink the ways in which their companies conduct business. They are adapting their business models to capture new value pools, and—in order to adapt to future markets—becoming digital companies. Those that succeed in getting the most value from Industry 4.0 are making colossal gains.


Dennis Küsters
Manager Digital Capability Center

Dennis Küsters

“The Digital Capability Center Aachen is a perfect place to experience and learn about digital manufacturing. The center features a realistic factory environment with a fully functioning production line for the production of a smart, customized wristband. In our hands-on workshops you learn how to start, scale, and sustain your digital manufacturing journey as well as explore, try, and apply cutting-edge technologies on the factory floor.”
Erhard Feige
Practice Manager EMEA Models Factories

Erhard Feige

“The Going 4.0-ward event provides a great setting for adult learning–interactive, experiential, with the freedom to experiment without risk. You will be able to test-drive many different digital applications and learn how you can benefit from Industry 4.0. I would be happy to welcome you in the DCC in October and to support your digital journey.”
Dado Misljencevic

Dado Misljencevic

“I can’t wait for Going 4.0-ward to start and to have the chance to meet all the brilliant new participants who show up. It’s an excellent opportunity for us as consultants to share what we do in our daily consulting lives as well as in our personal lives—participants really get to know who we are. The event is very hands on, so participants can experience what we do. There’s a lot of faculty present, which makes it possible for participants to meet and speak with as many consultants as possible.”
Marine Daul

Marine Daul

“I attended the event last year and absolutely loved it! It presents a unique opportunity to understand what McKinsey does in operations and what’s involved in being a consultant. During the social time blocks, you can ask any question you have and also connect with peers who share the same passion. And the event also showcases a simulation exercise that allows you to both understand how an actual study is run and leverage your operations skills. If you want to know more, why not join us next time?”
Daniel Gass
Junior Specialist

Daniel Gass

“The event provided me with great insights into McKinsey and particularly its Operations Practice. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet other people with a passion for operations, to get an impression of the culture within the firm, and to learn more about what it’s like to work as a consultant at McKinsey. After attending the event, I decided to join the firm for an internship, which I completed last summer. I recently returned to McKinsey to start my professional career in the Operations Excellence Program (OEP). If you have an interest in operations and want to find out more about what working as a McKinsey consultant is like, I highly encourage you to apply.”

Test & learn

Test and Learn

DCC Aachen features a realistic factory environment

The center features an end-to-end value chain—from order to delivery—for the manufacture of a smart, customized wristband. To support our experiential capability building approach, the line can be converted from current to future state.

The current state process serves as a realistic model of good practices and is used to train participants in applying and optimizing the methods and tools required to realize a digital transformation. The future state process is used to showcase the potential of state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 applications.

Augmented reality (AR) assistance for maintenance technicians

Learn how to reduce time to repair, reduce skill variability between technicians, and improve machine reliability.

Automated guided vehicle (AGV) for logistics

Learn how to improve labor productivity and reduce picking errors with a robot that picks boxes in a supermarket and brings them to production stations.

Self-adjusting workstations

Learn how to reduce ergonomic risks, reduce cycle time, and improve productivity with automatic adjustment of the workstation to operator ergonomics and to the next work order.

In-process control

Learn how to reduce manual control and quality defects with real-time quality control of critical manufacturing steps.

Self-adjusting processes

Learn how to untether operator from machine and improve the quality rate through automated quality control and ad hoc adjustment of the machine parameters.