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Soft Skills and Leadership Development Training

Soft Skills and Leadership Development Training

Develop your personal capabilities

Contiunous learning and development are at the core of McKinsey‘s DNA – we invest heavily in informal and formal training for our consultants. Join selected soft skill and leadership development trainings to develop your personal capabilities and give your career a boost.

Modules by topic

Centered Leadership

A centered leadership workshop is based on experiences, rather than on lectures and PowerPoint. The full focus lies on personal self-knowledge and mastery. The Centered Leadership Workshop gives you the opportunity to think about important challenges and opportunities in your life. You will explore your fundamental ways of thinking and how to change them to be as effective as possible in leadership situations.


Improvisational theater, often referred to as "improv": a hobby, a style of teamwork, an approach to strategy. In an intense 2-hour workshop, we will learn what improv is, and what we can take away from it for our work with teams and clients. Most importantly, we want to have fun and we will dedicate much of our time to actual acting. Together, we will spontaneously develop creative stories and unfold the true powers of improv.

Influence Model

The Influence Model is a McKinsey tool for changing attitudes and behavior in companies. It consists of four categories of interventions: fostering understanding and conviction, reinforcing with formal mechanisms, developing talents and skills, as well as role modeling. Our experience has shown that organizations that take all four categories into account as part of their change programs are more likely to experience long-term changes in employee behavior, thus leading to better results. In this module, you will learn about the most important aspects of the Influence Model and how to use it.


In this module, you will first learn the fundamentals of successful negotiations. You will then apply this knowledge in interactive group exercises. Our consultants will describe how we help our clients to prepare for and conduct successful negotiations.

Presenting with Impact

Presenting with impact encourages you to experiment and develop your own presentation style and strengths. You will receive individual feedback and practical tips on how to present and interact with an audience based on practical exercises. Therefore the workshop allows you to structure your presentations in an engaging and interactive format, sharpen your presentation and persuasive speaking skills and also talk through a presentation clearly and effectively.

Problem Solving

Hardly a day goes by when our consultants do not conduct problem solving sessions in the McKinsey team or with their clients. In this module, you will learn what we mean by problem solving, and how you can apply it successfully. After an introduction to problem solving techniques (problem structuring, analysis, communication, etc.), you will be able to test your acquired knowledge on a case study.


In order to meet an increasingly fast market, "Scrum", an agile method from software development, is now also used in project management. Scrum is especially suited to highly complex projects with unclear requirements due to its pragmatic approach. After an introduction, you have the opportunity to apply this method directly to real life projects to experience the advantages of Scrum.

Top-down communication

In this module, you will first learn about the most important tools for efficient communication, such as problem solving, logic and hypothesis trees, logical groups, logical chains, and communication pyramids. Afterwards, you will apply these tools together with the other participants in a debate on a current topic.

Young Leaders’ Forum

International politics is experiencing a rise in nationalist movements; developing countries are regularly being hit by extreme weather events; technological breakthroughs and disruption constantly challenge our way of living and working. Who knows how the world will develop in the months ahead? What surprises will you face professionally and personally? And what will it take from you, as a future leader, to guide yourself and others through this world? The Young Leaders’ Forum will provide you with the necessary mindset, insights and skills to become a better leader in a world of accelerating disruptive change by maintaining a radical focus on what you can control, and building on the findings of strength-based (positive) psychology.

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