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What’s on the Davos Agenda for 2022?

While the World Economic Forum deferred its annual meeting again this year in light of continued uncertainty over Omicron and other virus variants, there's still plenty on the #DavosAgenda. Global leaders will instead participate in a virtual series of “State of the World” sessions to focus on crafting solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, from economic rebalancing to climate change. Learn more about McKinsey’s strategic partnership with the World Economic Forum, and dive deeper on the topics dominating this year’s online sessions, including:

  • the pandemic’s effects on social cohesion and livelihoods
  • global economic outlook and sentiment
  • pressure for governments, businesses, and societies to transition to net-zero economies
  • the increased dependence on digital infrastructure and growing cybersecurity risks
  • why outer space is an emerging realm of global risk

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