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Reflecting on 20 years of McKinsey on Finance

The first issue of McKinsey on Finance was released in 2001, when companies were still reeling from the dot-com bust and weeks before the world-shattering events of 9/11. In the more than two decades since, the world has endured a plethora of dramatic events and shifts. What will the next 20 years bring? In the 80th edition of McKinsey on Finance—and on its 20th anniversary—we address three of the most pressing challenges for large companies: massive innovation, good ideas taken too far, and competitive advantage in the net-zero transition. Check out the article to reflect on where we’ve been and the challenges that lie ahead—and dive deeper with these insights to help you navigate these challenges.

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Navigating inflation: A new playbook for CEOs

The net-zero transition: What it would cost, what it could bring

How telcos can succeed in launching new businesses beyond connectivity

2021 global report: The state of new-business building

Innovation—the launchpad out of the crisis

Rev up your growth engine: Lessons from through-cycle outperformers

Playing offense to create value in the net-zero transition