Is your company maximizing its cloud ROI? Gen AI could help

This week, the tech world gathers for AWS re:Invent 2023 in Las Vegas to discuss and learn about the latest innovations in cloud computing. Cloud platforms have the potential to enable massive value: while potential impact varies by sector, adopting cloud represents an opportunity for the average company to increase profitability by 20 to 30 percent, write McKinsey’s Chhavi Arora, William Forrest, Mark Gu, and James Kaplan in a new report. Yet only 10 percent of companies report they are capturing value at scale from cloud investments. Why the disconnect? Getting value from public cloud, it turns out, is complicated—but opportunities, including gen AI, could change that. Check out these insights to understand where cloud’s overall value lies and how your company can maximize its cloud ROI. And be sure to bookmark this page for a weeklong series on the topics that will headline this year’s #reInvent. Tomorrow we'll dive deeper on the potential role gen AI can play in capturing cloud value.

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