Are you choosing to grow?

A confluence of factors—including high inflation, economic headwinds, and fast-changing stakeholder demands—has presented organizations with a host of challenges in 2022. As we head into the next year, how can leaders balance immediate demands with the long-term pursuit of growth? “You have to make sure you understand very clearly 80 percent of the activities necessary for growth. Then you organize those activities to give people a [growth] mindset, a mentality,” says Patrick Lammers, chief operating officer for customer solutions at E.ON, in the inaugural episode of the C-Suite Growth Talks podcast, hosted by global director of communications Cindy Van Horne and moderated by partner Sascha Lehmann. As you prepare for the new year, explore some of our best insights for proven strategies for achieving value-creating growth, and stay tuned for more conversations with growth-oriented leaders in the months ahead.

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