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Real estate and climate risk: Implications for long-term value, revenue, and more.

– This week, the hazards and opportunities for real estate as the world tackles climate change. Plus, why boards should be more strategic about cloud, and Terry Crews, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor and former NFL player, explores how “tough guys” can find strength in vulnerability.

What does inflation change for CEOs, the planners-in-chief? Pretty much everything.

– This week, a playbook for how CEOs handle inflation, which many haven’t dealt with for years. Plus, what’s driving... the white-hot semiconductor market, and a McKinsey expert on the future of retail stores in the omnichannel era.

Women want engineering and other roles in the tech field. Does tech want them back?

– Tech is on our minds this week: women in technical roles, that is, and our latest Tech for Execs installment explains why you... need a cloud foundation. Plus, news from the private-equity world—from McKinsey’s latest Global Private Markets Review to an interview with Carlyle’s Sandra Horbach.

Live long and prosper: How to extend the quality of life for everyone

– This week, we focus on a more ambitious and relevant goal for human health. Plus, an interview with Ron O’Hanley of State... Street, and the effects of inflation on defense spending.

What’s the big deal? M&A tries to extend gains after a record year

– This week, we look at the challenges and opportunities for M&A amid a more complicated outlook for 2022. Plus, the booming... cross-border parcel market, and global experts on the tech trends they think will, and should, lead business agendas.

How to make your workplace sticky, and other tips from the talent wars

– This week, we look at measures companies can take to keep employees from walking out the door. Plus, we look at how organizations... can get the Internet of Things right, and a McKinsey talent expert on why a 20-hour workweek isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds.

It’s time to update your company’s cybersecurity defenses

– Given the geopolitical tensions surrounding the conflict in Ukraine, it’s a good time to remind companies that cybersecurity... planning is crucial. Plus, new funding that could help quench US water needs, and a McKinsey senior partner and heavy-metal guitarist on the lifelong joys of rock ‘n’ roll.

How ‘FemTech’ is becoming the beating heart of women’s healthcare

– This week, we look at the progress being made in women’s healthcare and the challenges that remain. Plus, the pandemic is... changing workplace design, and Tech for Execs explains how reordering the steps in data processing—from ETL to ELT—opens up a world of possibility for your data.

Net-zero emissions: What will it take to save ourselves from the worst of climate change?

– This week, we look at what it will take for the world to reach a carbon-neutral future. Plus, the latest trends in packaging,... and a bold new strategy for European software.

Three years, seven attributes: The data-driven enterprise in 2025

– This week, we look at how the definition of “data driven” will change for companies by 2025. Plus, two experts on... why the social contract needs to change, and a McKinsey partner on how US manufacturing can become more dynamic, and why it matters so much.

Too many meetings, too few decisions: How ‘being busy’ gets in the way

– This week‚ why more interactions don’t lead to better ideas or faster decisions. Plus‚ moving beyond spreadsheets... for supply chain planning, and a McKinsey partner on why it’s important to understand that your brain is biased.

Mind, body, spirit: The wellness industry has got you covered

– This week, we take a look at how the global wellness industry is responding to fast-changing consumer habits. Plus, the state... of grocery retail in India, and how growing concern about climate change is affecting car buying in Asia.
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