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‘Creativity would skyrocket’

– The fashion industry has a diversity problem. Certain groups of talented individuals—in particular, people of color—struggle to break into the industry, and those who manage to get in don’t often feel welcome. This lack of diverse talent begins in fashion schools and internships and continues through the industry into its highest echelons of power and influence.

Future proof: How to build supply-chain resilience in the face of uncertainty

– Global companies’ supply chains are vulnerable to surprises, as the pandemic and the latest spate of hacks have made abundantly... clear. Our latest global survey on economic conditions shows that supply-chain disruptions are top of mind for respondents.

Dream big: Is the world about to enter a new age of prosperity?

– Are we heading for a 50 percent economic expansion? Had anyone suggested in early 2020 that there could be a boom decade in the... offing, many people would have fainted at their (WFH) desks. But history suggests that we could see that kind of expansion after a recession, with the right moves from public- and private-sector leaders.

Building capability, one human at a time

– Capability building—creating the mindsets and behaviors an organization needs to reach and sustain its full potential—is... now more relevant than ever as businesses attempt to rebound from the health and economic effects of COVID-19.

Update your AI state of mind, from the C-suite to the front line

– More and more organizations are aligning AI with core areas of their business—embracing important cultural and organizational... shifts, and investing in new kinds of technology, training, and processes. Those that adopt these basic practices tend to report the highest bottom-line impact.

Embrace your hybrid self: That’s how companies see the future of work

– Having seen the solid productivity gains among their employees during the pandemic, many organizations are planning a hybrid virtual... model that combines remote work with time in the office. McKinsey recently surveyed both employees and executives about the future of the hybrid model to get their views about what can—and should—happen.

How to help working women get back on their feet

– McKinsey research over the past year shows just how dramatically the COVID-19 pandemic has affected working women globally. They’ve... grappled with a “double shift” of household responsibilities, mental health challenges, a more difficult remote-work experience, and higher rates of unemployment

Personalized scents and digital mannequins: The future of shopping

– After a year that has profoundly shaken up the retail industry and transformed consumer behavior, it’s clear that technology... is continuing to revolutionize retail, with the pandemic packing a decade’s worth of digital acceleration into a matter of months.

Optimists like the trends they’re seeing in global business

– Optimism about the global economy is growing. In the April McKinsey Global Survey on the economy, executives’ views were... as decidedly positive as they were in March, even as the pandemic continues to be an acute risk for India and other nations.

We all want to feel good. The $1.5 trillion wellness market is happy to help.

– The concept of wellness is not new, though it has expanded beyond aerobic-workout tapes and fad diets to encompass overall physical... and mental health. These days, consumers view personal wellness through a much broader and more sophisticated lens.

Fly the friendlier skies: Leisure travel leads the way to airline recovery

– The future of aviation is looking brighter after a punishing year. As we look ahead to the sector’s recovery, here are some... noteworthy developments influencing the future of air travel.

Business building for banks: Now’s the moment to beat back competition

– A year ago, some of the biggest global banks were girding for trouble, socking away cash as a buffer against potential losses... due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But Main Street’s pain has largely missed Wall Street, and many of those same banks are now reporting strong earnings.
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