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Please keep in mind that the Job Progression Tool is designed for job coaches who are trained in experience-based hiring and work with job seekers.

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Disclaimer: Occupations in “Bringing job progression insights to the front line” reflect occupations to which individuals have moved in the past. The past is no predictor of future events or hiring demand. In some cases, relatively few individuals (1 to 5 percent) have made such a transition. Moreover, occupations may require training, and making a transition may not make sense for every job seeker. In addition, regional differences may exist in an area that impacts the feasibility and availability of making a transition. This tool does not guarantee an employer will be hiring a specific occupation in an area. This tool is provided “as is,” solely for informational purposes, and is designed to be used with a career coach to interpret the content. Demand data were pulled in December 2020 with medium-term demand data to expire in December 2021 and long-term demand data in June 2023. Please note that this particular content is subject to McKinsey terms of use and is not included in the Open COVID Pledge.