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COVID-19 Education Response Toolkit

Resources to help education decision makers respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19, developed in collaboration with UNESCO

We are supporting UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition to develop a toolkit to help education decision makers around the world respond to the overwhelming crisis in education caused by the pandemic. This resource includes five chapters that cover a range of issues facing schools and students: remote learning, re-enrollment, remediation, hybrid learning, and organizing for the response.

Each chapter includes a framework for a potential response, emerging approaches from countries around the world, and a checklist of actions to consider. This resource can help countries, states, and districts learn from each other as they work to provide continuity of learning for students across the globe.

Remote learning strategy

This chapter addresses considerations to develop and continuously improve remote learning capabilities to provide learning continuity and support during school closures caused by COVID-19


This chapter addresses potential actions to help students come back to school: re-enrolling students and working to prevent increased drop-out rates due to school closures caused by COVID-19


This chapter addresses potential ways educational systems can remediate lost learning due to disruption caused by COVID-19

Hybrid learning

This chapter addresses considerations to set up hybrid learning systems that can combine both remote and in-person learning to ensure learning continuity and improve the student experience

Organizing for the response

This chapter exposes the organizational challenges faced in education’s response and provides a potential framework for countries to better prepare
Last updated on October 6, 2020

These materials are provided “as is” solely for informational purposes. The materials are not a legal, health, or safety resource, and organizations should engage their own experts to ensure compliance with applicable laws and standards. The materials are current as of the date indicated and may not incorporate the most recently available information. McKinsey does not express an opinion or recommendation in the materials concerning the opening or operation of educational institutions in light of COVID-19.