The value of net zero

Demand for green products and services is growing strongly in categories such as energy and materials, vehicles, food, and packaging. As the net-zero transition advances, markets for low-emissions offerings are expected to expand further while markets for emissions-intensive offerings shrink. We estimate that burgeoning demand for net-zero offerings could create unprecedented opportunities: 11 value pools could generate up to more than $12 trillion of annual sales by 2030.

Eleven high-potential value pools could be worth more than $12 trillion of yearly revenues by 2030 as the net-zero transition advances.

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A vertical bar chart contains 11 bars that gradually grow in height from left to right. The bars represent the areas of the 11 high-potential value pools that could be worth more than $12 trillion in annual revenue by 2030. From left to right the value pools are carbon management; industrials; waste; hydrogen; then oil, gas, and fuels ; followed by agriculture and land use; then consumer; water; power; buildings; and finally transport.

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To read the article, see “Accelerating toward net zero: The green business building opportunity,” June 14, 2022.