Race and the frontline experience

Black and Latino workers are overrepresented in industries with low-paying frontline roles, making 20 percent less than White frontline workers, according to McKinsey analysis. And within certain industries, there is a higher concentration of Latino workers compared with Black workers. For example, Latino workers dominate the agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting industries with the highest proportion of employees at 67 percent.

Workers of color are underrepresented in the US industries with the highest-paying frontline roles.

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Two charts are shown. The left-hand chart is of horizontal segmented bars broken by race, where bars represent the share of each individual race within each of thirteen private sector industries. The industry bars are ordered from top to bottom by the second of the two charts, which shows the annual wage in thousands of dollars per annum. When viewed together, it becomes apparent that certain races seem to be more prevalent in higher-paying jobs.

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To read the report, see “Race in the workplace: The frontline experience” July 30, 2022.