Corporations take a stand

The corporate sector reacted swiftly to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Among businesses based in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States, nearly 85 percent left or scaled back their operations in Russia. And 70 percent of the Fortune 500 companies that operated in Russia prior to the war opted to leave or scale back their business once the conflict began.

Most European and US Fortune 500 companies have scaled back operations in or exited Russia.

Image description:

Three vertical columns of arranged dots representing Fortune 500 companies with a presence in Russia, before and after the Invasion of Ukraine. The dots are collected into circular groups for each of the company’s areas of production. They are further broken down into two colors, one color representing those whose headquarters are in Europe, the UK, or the US, and the second color for headquarters in all other regions.

These groupings of circles of dots in two colors are stacked vertically above one another by their different area of production. A final layer of information is then broken off by arrows pointing in one direction for companies still in Russia, and in the other direction for those that have left Russia as of April 28, 2022. Both those that are staying and those that have left Russia are represented left and right in the same colored-dot configuration, broken by HQ location.

The visual indicates that many more have left Russia than have remained behind.

End of image description.

To read the article, see “War in Ukraine: Twelve disruptions changing the world,” May 9, 2022.