Chipping in on semiconductor fabs

US semiconductor companies have announced investments for new builds that are estimated to reach $200 billion to $350 billion within the next decade. Senior partner Bill Wiseman and colleagues note that these investments—the largest of which are planned in Arizona, New York, Ohio, and Texas—are expected to create jobs and boost domestic production of semiconductors. However, the industry faces challenges in recruiting and retaining talent, particularly engineers and technicians.

New US semiconductor builds could reach $200 billion to $350 billion, with the largest investments in Arizona, New York, Ohio, and Texas.

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A US map shows the locations of announced semiconductor investments as of June 2023, in billions of dollars. By state, the investment totals are: Arizona, $62 billion; California, $4 billion; Colorado, $1 billion; Idaho, $15 billion; Indiana, $2 billion; New Mexico, $4 billion; New York, $21 billion; North Carolina, $5 billion; Ohio, $20 billion; $Oregon, $1 billion; Texas, $52 billion; and Utah, $12 billion.

Source: Gartner; Semiconductor Industry Association; McKinsey analysis of company reports and press releases.

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