Arrivals and departures

Workers are on the move, for a number of reasons. Uncaring leaders, unsustainable expectations of work performance, and lack of career advancement are the top three reasons workers quit their jobs. And for those who returned to traditional employment, these workers were primarily lured back by workplace flexibility, with adequate compensation as a secondary reason.

US employees have left and returned to the workforce for a number of reasons.

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Two side-by-side bar graphs each showing the top 12 reasons why US employee respondents either left an old job or accepted a new job.

The top three reasons for respondents leaving a job without another in hand were:

  1. Uncaring leaders
  2. Unsustainable work performance expectations
  3. Lack of career development and advancement potential.

The top three reasons for respondents accepting their current job were:

  1. Workplace flexibility
  2. Adequate total compensation package
  3. Sustainable work performance expectations.

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