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Customer experience in the next normal after COVID-19

Companies that adapt to the changing needs of customers will recover more rapidly and be better positioned than competitors. McKinsey experts review three areas for leaders to focus on.

COVID-19 has brought extended lockdowns, pervasive uncertainty, and sustained attention on health. All of these factors are reshaping customer behavior. The challenge for companies is to understand which customer trends and patterns will endure over the longer term. In this webinar, McKinsey experts discuss research on how companies can adapt by investing in three areas.

  • Digital. Digital engagement has accelerated tremendously, and leading companies have innovated quickly to replace or complement traditional, in-store experiences. Out of necessity or convenience, companies have created many new offerings. Indeed, 80 percent of companies believe that their core business model should be digitized to remain economically viable.
  • Safety. Companies must build safety into the customer experience, especially in the near term. Rethinking contactless commerce to promote safety across products, services, and processes will be critical to put customers at ease and increase their satisfaction. A four-part framework can help executives select, prioritize, and implement the solutions that matter most to customers.
  • Data and analytics. In the next normal, companies will need to be more proactive and nimbler as well as able to anticipate customer expectations and needs. Now is the time for executives to invest in the data, technology, and systems required to deliver exceptional experiences. Organizations able to understand customers better—and do it faster—are likely to be the next customer-experience leaders.

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