How to make better decisions in the age of urgency

Decision making costs a typical Fortune 500 company around $250 million each year, write Aaron De Smet, Gregor Jost, and Leigh Weiss. Executives on average spend almost 40 percent of their time making decisions—and 60 percent say that the time spent making decisions is poorly used. In an age when speed is of the essence, how can CEOs and their teams increase their odds for successful decision making? Check out these insights for ways to make bold decisions quickly in uncertain times, and bookmark The McKinsey guide to excelling as a CEO for the latest insights and advice on topics that should be at the top of your agenda.

Three keys to faster, better decisions

What is decision making?

Decision making in the age of urgency

For smarter decisions, empower your employees

Decision making in uncertain times

To unlock better decision making, plan better meetings

Good decisions don’t have to be slow ones

Sounding the alarm on system noise

Bias busters: Don’t steer your strategy by the wrong star