Focus on Biotech


Infographic: The McKinsey Biotech Innovation Index

– Europe may be catching up with the United States in biotech innovation and funding. Its overall score on the Biotech Innovation Index improved by 20 percent in 2015–17 and 2018–20.

Infographic: Capital landscape for European biotechs is maturing, but it continues to trail the United States

– Europe’s biotech sector has made meaningful progress in attracting capital. However, raising more capital will be essential... to the continued growth of this sector.

Infographic: Building the European biotech sector with world-class science and innovation

– Europe is a powerhouse in scientific publishing with roughly twice the output of the United States and three times that of China.

SaaS and the Rule of 40: Keys to the critical value creation metric

– Investors reward SaaS companies that hit this operating performance marker, yet a surprisingly small number have been able to... do so. Here’s how more can follow their industry leaders’ example.

Can European biotechs achieve greater scale in a fragmented landscape?

– World-class science and innovation need to be matched with stronger scale-up capabilities and a broader funding base if Europe... is to emerge as a leader in biotech.

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