What is the ongoing toll of the war in Ukraine across Europe?


Invasion of Ukraine: Implications for European defense spending

– The war in Ukraine has prompted European nations to increase defense spending. How can they maximize the impact and achieve optimal security benefits?

War in Ukraine: Twelve disruptions changing the world

– The war is devastating lives and roiling markets. Here we track the disruptions that seem likely to shape lives and livelihoods,... beyond the immediate crisis.

The rising toll of the war in Ukraine

– Lives lost and upended. Soaring food and energy prices. Supply chains at risk. Much is at stake as the war continues.

War in Ukraine: Lives and livelihoods, lost and disrupted

– As uncertainty weighs on decision making, scenarios can provide guidance.

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Together is committed to supporting Ukrainian people—especially women displaced across Europe—by providing them with resources to help them rebuild their lives, find a supportive network, and become economically included in their host countries.

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