A weekly newsletter devoted to delivering on diversity, gender equality, and inclusion

Changing the face of entrepreneurship—and the Fed

– This week, we consider the landmark confirmation of Dr. Lisa D. Cook to the US Federal Reserve Board. Plus: a look at who gets VC funding.

The women who work in homes across America

– In this issue, we consider the women doing paid care work in America

Harvard takes on its ties to slavery

– In this issue, we look at an effort by Harvard University to address its ties to slavery. Plus: how student loans are affecting... Black Americans.

Tax season is behind us. Its racial implications aren’t.

– In this issue, we look at how US tax policy disadvantages Black Americans—and how to make the system more equitable.

This CEO says men should take half the load—of laundry

– In this issue, we look at how companies can make workplaces work for moms.

Creating a world where LGBTQ+ youth are celebrated

– International Day of Pink is around the corner, on Wednesday, April 13. In this issue, we focus on LGBTQ+ youth—books that... celebrate them, resources to support them, and LGBTQ+ business leaders who are serving as role models for the next generation.

A trans leader on the importance of telling your story

– Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility. In this issue, we consider the work of journalist Imara Jones and what companies... can do to advance trans inclusion in the workplace and society. Plus, the problem with hiring for “culture fit.”

Spotlight on women’s health

– In this issue, we look at FemTech—the definition and the latest developments—as well as the mismatch between health... investments and women’s health needs.

From salt farmer to solar technician

– In this issue, we look at women leading climate action and why an intersectional approach is necessary to get more women up the... career ladder in tech.

This labor economist explains why companies should open the door to applicants without degrees

– In this issue, we look at how the US can improve the experiences of workers, why automation isn’t an immutable force, and... how companies can open the door to new talent.

Why every hospital needs a garden

– In this issue, we reflect on a question posed by the late Dr. Paul Farmer. Plus: a look back at issues of Intersection... that focus on Black history.

What it takes to get on a corporate board

– In this issue, we look at a mismatch between the work that companies reward and what they say they value. Plus: the relationships... you need to get on a corporate board, and a project created to document the experiences of Black corporate directors.
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