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Mastering new realities: A blueprint to transform Indian banking

A combination of four major forces has exposed the underlying structural challenges, and stirred up a perfect storm in India’s banking sector.

The impact of this storm is likely to dramatically alter the status quo on the banking landscape. McKinsey & Company undertook a detailed study to look at the state of India’s banking sector and the way forward. Despite major challenges, the sector promises long- term growth, and remains one of the most attractive investment opportunities, as shown by the value created by many private sector banks and NBFCs over the last few years. However, immediate action and structural reforms will be required to move the entire sector to a more favourable outcome.

This report is structured as a three-volume series on the transformation blueprint for the Indian banking sector, as follows:

  • Volume 1 covers an evaluation of the current state of the sector, the future outlook, and the structural reforms agenda.
  • Volume 2 details the transformation agenda for Indian banks, across core businesses and functions.
  • Volume 3 outlines the innovation agenda for Indian banks, to build and leverage new capabilities.

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