How CEOs can thrive in volatility

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McKinsey actually recently published an article in this area. And the headline was ‘Playing defense and offense at the same time’. I think the defense part of this is relatively clear: just on 14 September [2022], for example, the U.S. published a massive inflation number, which has led the stock market to take its biggest drop since 2020.

I think, on a daily basis, you're going to have to play defense in understanding supply chain shocks, understanding issues around inflation. But what I also see with many of our clients in Korea is offense: new business opportunities. One notable example is in the area of climate tech.

As people know, climate is a risk. There are obviously high oil prices. There's lots of volatility in energy supply. There's lots of volatility, for example, in the price of carbon. What we see with a lot of my clients in Korea, is, "How do we also use this as an opportunity for growth?"

Examples here include carbon capture and hydrogen. A lot of Korean companies are looking at climate tech as the next big growth engine. What I would say is the best thing to do during this period is to play defense and offense at the same time.