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Bracing for consolidation in Asia–Pacific banking: The quest for scale

– To emerge from a period of potential consolidation, Asia’s banks must reinvent themselves or risk disappearing.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Outperformers: High-growth emerging economies and the companies that propel them

– Some emerging economies have grown much faster and more consistently than others. Underlying these success stories is a pro-growth... policy agenda and the standout role of large companies.
Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

‘Superstars’: The dynamics of firms, sectors, and cities leading the global economy

– Is there a superstar effect? McKinsey Global Institute research uncovers the dynamics of superstar firms, sectors, and cities... in the global economy.

The continued rise of South Korean private equity

– Solid returns and optimistic forecasts have made South Korea an increasingly attractive market for investors.
Office our insights page

Diagnosis on the organizational health and corporate culture of Korean companies

– Korean companies are faced with two challenges—business and organizational challenges—in new normal era. They have to achieve... performance in hostile environment and motivate people who pursue different value from older generations. McKinsey and KCCI investigated the magnitude of these challenges and found solutions. This report cover the analysis and implications of a Mega OHI survey of some 40,000 employees working at 100 Korean companies.

Perspectives on the future of Asia

A South Korean perspective

Wonsik Choi, managing partner of McKinsey in Korea, discusses how diversity, scale, and technology will unleash and shape Korea. Although the country has been on an accelerant growth path for the past 30 to 40 years, he says, each person must improve productivity for the economy to grow. Can Korea catch up?

Asia: A hotspot in the hydrogen market

Bernd Heid, a senior partner in McKinsey’s Cologne office, discusses the forces reshaping the hydrogen market in Asia, from technological advancement to cross-regional cooperation and government policies and roadmaps. He also addresses Asia’s role as the global hotspot for hydrogen economy interdeployment.