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Marketing consumer durables in India: A journey into the minds of digital-age consumers

– A new McKinsey metric helps Indian marketers get buyers’ attention at the beginning of their decision journey—when it counts the most.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Digital India: Technology to transform a connected nation

– Indian consumers have strongly embraced digital technologies. Now India’s companies must follow suit.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Outperformers: High-growth emerging economies and the companies that propel them

– Some emerging economies have grown much faster and more consistently than others. Underlying these success stories is a pro-growth... policy agenda and the standout role of large companies.

Combating the challenges of urbanization in emerging markets: Lessons from India

– India’s smart-city program offers a road map for cities working to prepare for mass urbanization with limited funds.

How digital innovation is transforming agriculture: Lessons from India

– Four leaders in Indian agriculture discuss the sector’s challenges and digital innovation’s potential impact on smallholder... farmers.

How India’s ascent could change the fashion industry

– There’s great promise in India’s apparel market—but challenges as well. Here’s what brands need to know... about the country’s rise.

Perspectives on the future of Asia

Innovating business models in India to boost the economy

Gautam Kumra, managing partner of McKinsey in India, discusses the need for Indian businesses to be professionalized, to create more innovative business models, and to strengthen corporate governance standards. In doing so, companies will help India become the world’s fifth largest economy by 2022.

How CEOs can meet the digital challenge

Noshir Kaka, global coleader of McKinsey’s Analytics Practice, discusses how technological advancements are key to the future of Asia, how companies must recognize certain kinds of decisions are better off being automated, and how Asian companies are leapfrogging like never before.

The future of women in the Asian workforce

Anu Madgavkar, a partner of the McKinsey Global Institute, discusses the range of opportunities and challenges facing women in the workforce in Asia and how CEOs can further accelerate integration of women in the workplace.