Digital Trust: Embedding risk management into tech capabilities

Explore a collection of insights on sustaining the value and impact of digital, analytics, and artificial intelligence investments.

Organizations require a mindset shift toward building digital trust to manage risk holistically and sustain the value of their digital investments. This collection of articles provides an overview of our latest thinking, and is aimed at helping guide your important digital transformation decisions.

Featured insights


Derisking AI by design: How to build risk management into AI development

– The compliance and reputational risks of artificial intelligence pose a challenge to traditional risk-management functions. Derisking... by design can help.

What the draft European Union AI regulations mean for business

– Proposed EU rules are just one more step toward global AI regulation. Here’s how smart organizations are preparing for compliance—and... managing AI risk.

Model risk management: The latest insights into the evolution of model governance practices across North America, Europe, and Asia

– Look closer at model risk management since SR11-7 and understand the main themes shaping the MRM space.

Booting out bias: How to derisk advanced analytics models in the public sector

– Advanced analytics can transform public-sector services, but US agencies are wary of the risk of biased outcomes. Sound risk management... is the key to a wider adoption that will benefit all citizens.

Lessons from banking to improve risk and compliance and speed up digital transformations

– Banks are beginning to put in place a new approach to risk and compliance that accelerates their digital transformations and improves... outcomes.

Getting to know—and manage—your biggest AI risks

– A systematic approach to identifying and prioritizing AI risks can help organizations effectively target mitigation efforts.

Enterprise cybersecurity: Aligning third parties and supply chains

РIn today’s riskier, more connected environment, organizations must collaborate closely with external partners to reduce vulnerabilities... to cyberattackers.

Safeguarding against cyberattack in an increasingly digital world

– There are actions businesses can take to safeguard their organizations from the growing risk of cyberattack.

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