Playing offense to create Nordic sustainability champions

– Nordic companies are uniquely positioned to lead the world in combating climate change, potentially creating a Nordic Silicon... Valley of sustainability.

Online sales and subscriptions will shape tomorrow’s car financing journey

– New tech and emerging trends will enable consumers to move toward a more complete online car-buying experience.

Women Matter, Spain: Women are still far from top corporate-leadership positions

– Women are well represented in the country’s workforce but are relatively scarce at the top—and that won’t change... anytime soon given current promotion trends. Yet companies can act to turn the tide.

Capturing growth in the evolving UK savings and retirement market

– Companies in the UK savings and retirement market can consider targeting four high-growth segments to create a competitive advantage... and to boost their resilience in challenging times.

Car leasing in Europe: Managing residual value for a €12 billion opportunity

– Residual value management will be the critical success factor in the auto finance sector, notably for scaling and running a car... leasing portfolio.

The EU digital strategy: The impact of data privacy on global business

– New data regulations from the European Union require organizational attention, and three key steps can help navigate the data... privacy landscape.

European Transformation Summit: Fresh leadership perspectives

– European transformation leaders share fresh perspectives based on their real-world experiences. A unifying principle to drive... change and a structured approach to execute and sustain it can boost success.

Fueling the Hungarian start-up ecosystem

– Cooperation among all stakeholders would help the country create a start-up culture that could generate some 30,000 high-value-adding... jobs and up to €1.3 billion in additional direct local spending.

Fixing the ladder: How UK businesses benefit from better social mobility

– Socioeconomic diversity merits consideration alongside gender, race, ethnicity, and other diversity dimensions on the UK corporate... agenda.

Women in tech: The best bet to solve Europe’s talent shortage

– To remain competitive in technological growth and innovation, Europe must recruit and retain women for the fastest-growing tech... roles of the foreseeable future.

European private banking: Resilient models for uncertain times

– After one of its most successful years, Europe’s private banking industry will now need to navigate an uncertain macroeconomic... outlook and evolving client needs.
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