Digital Disruption

Understanding how technology is transforming industries and how leaders and organizations can respond.



Data ethics: What it means and what it takes

– Every company must establish its own best practices for managing its data. Here are five pitfalls to avoid based on our conversations... with experts and early adopters.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Securing Europe’s competitiveness: Addressing its technology gap

– Even amid war in Europe and the energy and cost of living crisis that has resulted, the region needs to pay attention to its slow-motion... corporate and technology crisis.

Digital Challengers on the next frontier: Perspective on Romania

– As CEE economies catch up with Europe’s frontrunners, accelerated digital growth may bring Romania’s digital economy... to almost €52 billion by 2030.

Software bill of materials: Managing software cybersecurity risks

– As software-related vulnerabilities continue to grow, companies must manage their software cyber risks to innovate faster and... create safer, more secure digital products.

How effective boards approach technology governance

– As technology’s strategic importance to the business expands, management needs stronger board guidance. Four engagement... models have proven useful.

The green IT revolution: A blueprint for CIOs to combat climate change

– Research shows that the most impact on IT-generated emissions can be found in unexpected places.

Digital challengers on the next frontier in Central and Eastern Europe

– Our most recent report on economic growth in the CEE region from 2017–21 shows the positive role of digital commerce in... driving value and future growth.

Why digital trust truly matters

– Consumer faith in cybersecurity, data privacy, and responsible AI hinges on what companies do today—and establishing this... digital trust just might lead to business growth.

What every insurance leader should know about cloud

– Successful cloud migrations depend on knowing where the value for insurance lies in cloud and on business and IT working together.

Space: Building a digital infrastructure above the sky

– Venture capitalist Mark Boggett offers an investor’s view of the strides being made in space technology, its practical applications,... and its potential impact.

Creating a technology risk and cyber risk appetite framework

– Here’s how to build a comprehensive, measurable, and objective end-to-end risk appetite framework as a foundation for managing... technology risk and cyber risk.
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