Digital Disruption

Understanding how technology is transforming industries and how leaders and organizations can respond.


Interview - Learn to Leap: Green Business Building Edition

Bringing a digital platform to the home heating services market: Lessons from thermondo

– The founder and CEO of thermondo discusses how he launched and scaled a fully integrated home heating services company in Germany,... and the challenges he faced building a green-tech business.

Demystifying data mesh

– A data mesh can help large organizations manage data successfully—if it’s understood that implementing one involves... more than technology considerations.

Unlocking commerce in the metaverse

– Consumers already know what they want at the intersection of virtual and physical retail. It’s up to companies to evolve... their strategies to capture growth and long-term value.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

‘The creative process is fabulously unpredictable. A great idea cannot be predicted’

– In this episode of The Quarterly Interview: Provocations to Ponder, Jony Ive, the former design head of Apple, talks... about what it takes for the creative process to thrive at any company.

Generative AI and the future of HR

– A chatbot may not take your job—but it will almost certainly change it. Here’s how to start thinking about putting... gen AI to work for you.

Managing the forces of fragmentation: How IT can balance local needs and global efficiency in a multipolar world

– The forces of fragmentation require a new global IT architecture and operating model that is modular, standardized, and configurable... to support local differentiation.
Interview - Learn to Leap

Growing a global tech unicorn: Five key insights from Infobip

– The CEO and cofounder of Infobip shares how the company has used small, mission-based teams and a positive growth mindset to capture... high-yield, low-cost tech markets.
Podcast - McKinsey Global Institute

Forward Thinking on the brave new world of generative AI with Ethan Mollick

– “I really worry that people are not taking this seriously enough … this fundamentally is going to be a shift in how... we work and how we interact at a level that’s as big as anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.” A leading business school professor talks about why he thinks the technology underlying ChatGPT is so transformative that he is betting his career on it.

The state of AI in GCC countries—and how to overcome adoption challenges

– Research suggests that AI uptake remains low and points to how companies in the region can overcome the hurdles delaying the capture... of AI’s potentially high rewards.

What is personalization?

– In marketing, personalization is when seller organizations use data to tailor messages to specific users’ preferences.

Redefining life insurance: An interview with Nichole Lecher

– Northwestern Mutual recently transformed its underwriting and life insurance purchase experience. Vice President Nichole Lecher... discusses how.
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