Digital Disruption

Understanding how technology is transforming industries and how leaders and organizations can respond.



Reimagining higher education in MENAP

– Stakeholders can consider a range of bold initiatives to transform higher education and create new opportunities for students... in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan.

An AI power play: Fueling the next wave of innovation in the energy sector

– How Vistra Corp. is partnering with McKinsey to improve efficiency and reduce emissions by using AI

Digital transformation on the CEO agenda

– Successful digital transformations may not be as elusive as you think. The best CEOs know up front what success looks like—and... what stands in their way.
Interview - Learn to Leap: Green Business Building Edition #3

Companies that care: Lessons from a unicorn founder and his purpose-driven investor

– Doing good may also be a good investment—and potentially transformative for the world. Two leaders on the front lines discuss... the current landscape and what’s next.

Transformations and a hybrid workforce: A conversation with Seth Goldstrom

– Many organizations have adopted a hybrid or fully remote workforce in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. McKinsey senior partner... Seth Goldstrom talks about leading transformations in this new dynamic.

Prepare now for the future of industrial services

– A 600-executive survey reveals how services organizations can adapt to a remote-first world by revamping their operating models... and carefully tailoring commercial models to match.

When—and how—to prepare for post-quantum cryptography

– While quantum computers may not be able to crack conventional encryption protocols until 2030, many cybersecurity and risk managers... should evaluate their options now.

Cloud economics and the six most damaging mistakes to avoid

– The value potential of cloud is enormous, but only for companies that understand—and adapt to—the realities of cloud... economics.

Salesforce’s Arundhati Bhattacharya on lifelong learning and talent reinvention

– Salesforce’s India CEO, and former chair of the State Bank of India, believes that lifelong learning will determine success... in the future, especially as people start having multiple careers.

It’s cloud time for boards—in seven charts

– These seven charts can help boards shape their business’s cloud strategy.

Building a green business: Lessons from sustainability start-ups

– Green tech and climate technology companies are rapidly altering the competitive landscape. With sustainability now a business... imperative, incumbents need to move quickly—or risk being left behind.
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