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How China’s consumer companies managed through the COVID-19 crisis: A virtual roundtable

– During a virtual roundtable, China-based executives discuss their experience managing operations at leading consumer companies... during the coronavirus crisis.

A blueprint for remote working: Lessons from China

– As home to some of the world’s largest firms, China offers lessons for those that are just now starting to embrace the... shift to remote working.

What’s driving the Chinese economy in 2020?

– The Chinese consumer continues to power economic growth.

China insurance: How insurers can improve customer experience where it matters

– Insurers in China are not adapting as quickly as other industries to the changing world of customer experience. But they have... a chance to spur growth and increase customer retention if they get it right.

What can we expect in China in 2020?

– With domestic consumption powering economic growth, companies should consider stepping up their activities in 2020.

China consumer report 2020: The many faces of the Chinese consumer

– Five trends emerged in the latest research from our Chinese Consumer Survey, offering insight into what over 5,000 consumers in... the region think about spending, brands, health, and more.

Winning the race: China’s auto market shifts gears

– To succeed in the market’s new era, players in the region will need to shift their strategies in response to five characteristics.

The innovations behind China’s Singles Day shopping phenomenon

– Live video streaming and young consumers in smaller cities are powering growth of the world’s largest online shopping event.

How technology can improve the patient experience: A view from Tencent’s Alex Ng

– Alexander Ng, vice president of Tencent Healthcare, shares his vision for hospital care in 2030.

How Chinese airlines can brace for impending turbulence

– The coming years could prove challenging for Chinese airlines, which are already battling economic losses. They should focus on... five opportunities.

Insights into China’s dynamic auto market from Daimler’s Hubertus Troska

– In this interview with Daimler’s board member responsible for Greater China, Hubertus Troska discusses changes in the market... and how his company has upped its game in the premium-car segment.
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