Working in the digital age: A look ahead for Singapore

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The rise of automation and the gig economy is transforming the workplace in Singapore. As a result, the Ministry of Manpower has announced that it will relaunch its online marketplace with a stronger focus on tech-based positions.

A study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute of the US workforce estimated that 45% of activities that people are paid to do could be automated using current technologies. But, this doesn’t translate into 45% of jobs going away. As the move towards automation increases, the growth of the gig economy, or independent work, increases in parallel. As these two trends gain momentum, the nature of work will evolve.

Employers in Singapore can leverage these two trends by creating more fluid work environments (less hierarchy, unconventional work spaces, and more adaptable definitions regarding roles and responsibilities). New technology platforms will allow independent workers to market their expertise and skills to potential employers/clients.

Singapore ranks as one of the world’s most globally connected economies. The main challenge for workers is to keep up with emerging technologies.

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