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The role of natural gas in Australia’s future energy mix

Natural gas can play a key role in Australia's energy system in 2030, as energy consumption increases off the back of both GDP and population growth. In particular, opportunities are available for gas in the transport and power sectors with the potential to help meet demand at a lower cost, and with a reduced environmental footprint.

The role that energy plays in the global economy is evolving. Energy consumption continues to grow driven by population and economic growth, but energy efficiency improvements are slowing or even reversing this trend in some countries and sectors. Improvements in the relative competitiveness of technologies such as grid-scale solar continue. And finally, climate and energy topics are becoming more intertwined.

Australia is no exception to this. Blessed with an abundance of traditional and renewable resources, we have many options for how to structure the country’s energy system. This report examines a number of options for natural gas that Australia can choose from; it is not a comprehensive assessment of all options available.

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