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How insurers should think about digital in distribution

– In this video, McKinsey partner Sumit Popli discusses the role bancassurance, digitization, and digital distribution have been... playing in Asia and what this means for insurers.

Corporate Asia: A capital paradox

– Asian corporations now account for 43 percent of the world’s largest 5,000 companies, contributing $19 trillion in revenue to... the world economy every year. But has this growth come at a cost?

A case study in social change through education: Fogarty EDvance

– One nonprofit is improving education in socially disadvantaged communities in Western Australia. The lessons it has learned may... help other schools succeed on the path to educational equality.

Defending Southeast Asian consumer-company value in a digital age

– Consumer expectations and new technologies are rapidly changing revenues and profits in the consumer-packaged-goods market. Incumbent... companies can prepare by adjusting their business models.

How e-commerce and the gig economy is transforming Southeast Asia

– Reuben Lai, senior managing director of Grab Financial, discusses the impact of the ridesharing industry, gig economy, and mega... demographic trends on the economies of Southeast Asia.

The Asian Century has arrived

– The future of Asia is no longer just a story about China. In the decades ahead, Asian economies will go from participating in... global trade and innovation flows to determining their shape and direction.
Podcast - McKinsey Global Institute

A conversation about the future of Asia

– Asia will account for more than half the global economy by 2040. What opportunities and risks lie ahead as “the Asian century”... unfolds?

How digital and advanced analytics can boost growth in Asian insurance

– Asian insurers have achieved remarkable growth in recent years, but disruptors are looming. To maintain their momentum, these... insurers must ramp up their digital and advanced analytics capabilities.

Four-point strategy could spur foreign-direct-investment growth in Malaysia

– With a renewed focus on its foreign-direct-investment policies, Malaysia could better compete for the financial resources that... have spurred economic development across Asia.

How Singapore is harnessing design to transform government services

– Singapore has put design at the heart of its public sector improvement initiatives—making it a potent source of learning... for other governments.

Resilience in TMT: Winning in downturns

– Economic downturns hold substantial opportunities for companies in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector.... By starting now to build an action plan and execute no-regret moves, companies can put themselves on a path to emerge resilient through the next slowdown.
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