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On the cusp of change: North American wealth management in 2030

– The North American wealth-management industry will undergo meaningful changes in the next ten years, influenced by evolving customer... segments and rules of engagement, rapid technological advances, and shifting competitive dynamics.

Why does prosperous King County have a homelessness crisis?

– A careful analysis reveals a primary driver of homelessness in Seattle and King County and a costly, multifaceted solution to... the problem.

The future of natural gas in North America

– What role will natural gas play in North America’s energy mix over the next decades? And how can players position themselves to... manage threats and capture opportunities from the energy transition?

Accelerating plastic recovery in the United States

– Plastic waste is a critical issue of our time. Effecting change will require an integrated approach.

US consumers in 2019 are ready to spend—but wisely

– New research from our US Sentiment Survey shows that consumer confidence is near an all-time high. Consumers don’t plan to cut... back on spending—but they look to spend wisely.

Building the tech talent pipeline

– By taking a data-driven approach, regions can pinpoint the strengths and gaps in their pool of tech talent and prioritize investments... to boost competitiveness and collaboration.

How Mexico can harness its superior energy abundance

– Mexico has a large and diversified base of resources that could offer one of the lowest energy costs in the world. The energy... transition could help the country achieve its potential.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Affordable housing in Los Angeles: Delivering more—and doing it faster

– Addressing the housing shortage is an opportunity to reimagine Los Angeles.

Leveraging technology to improve security and traveler experience

– In this interview, Patricia Cogswell, the deputy administrator of the US Transportation Security Administration, discusses how... the organization innovates and stays in front of risks.

Beyond the Rubicon: Asset management in an era of unrelenting change

– North American asset managers face unprecedented challenges. In order for the industry’s position to stay the same—earning premium... growth, profitability, and valuation—everything will need to change.

Insights into better integrated eligibility systems

– Implementing integrated eligibility systems can be fraught with challenges, making it difficult for states to claim success. However,... there are five observations they can use to ensure triumphant future execution.
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