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Our People

Alejandro Beltrán
Senior Partner, Madrid
Leads McKinsey in Spain and Portugal, advises international corporations on strategy and corporate finance, and counsels public institutions on macroeconomic and policy issues
Duarte Braga
Senior Partner, Lisbon, Madrid
Serves as office manager of our Iberia office, and advises the top management of financial institutions and major telecommunications groups in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America on strategy, marketing and sales, and operations.
María del Mar Martínez
Senior Partner, Madrid
Leader of the Financial Institutions Practice for Spain and Portugal. Advisor to financial institutions on growth strategies and organization, innovation, risk management and control. She also leads our European recruiting council since 2016.
Carlos Trascasa
Senior Partner, Madrid
With over 25 years' experience, advises large private and state-owned institutions on performance improvement plans, major transformation programs, and organizational restructuring implementations
David González
Senior Partner, Madrid
Brings extensive expertise in utilities and oil and gas to his work on strategy, operations, regulation, and organization.
Maria João Ribeirinho
Partner, Lisbon, Madrid
Supports energy and infrastructure companies in multiple geographies on strategic and operational issues.
Luis Ferrándiz
Partner, Madrid
Supports clients with comprehensive projects in multiple economic sectors, including digital transformation, definition of omnichannel models, digital analytics, and innovation
Giulia Chierchia
Senior Partner, Madrid
Advises oil and gas, chemical, energy, and basic-materials companies on marketing and sales, growth, and innovation transformations
Álvaro Carpintero
Partner, Madrid
Coleads the firm’s pharmaceutical and medical-products work, and helps companies in a variety of sectors with their operations transformations
Rafael Westinner
Partner, Madrid
Leads end-to-end operational transformations for industrial clients, working along the operational value chain to boost productivity by fully leveraging digital technology

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