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The Operations Practice at McKinsey helps our clients transform every aspect of their operations, from manufacturing to customer support. Our impact is seen in dramatic improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, and flexibility—giving our clients the tools they need to dazzle their customers, delight their employees, and devastate their competitors.

Within McKinsey, it is one of the most successful and fastest-growing functional practices. Today, the practice operates in some 55 locations worldwide.

Our practice has supported more than 700 new projects in the last two years–meaning that one out of every four McKinsey projects involves Operations topics.

More than 230 consultants belong to the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) arm of the Operations Practice. Many joined us as experienced hires with relevant professional backgrounds. These dedicated specialists are joined by a further 300 consultants who participate in Operations work on a case-by-case basis.

Consultants from the Operations Practice work hand-in-hand with those from our industry practices, each contributing their own strengths in order to develop and implement tailored solutions to our clients’ most pressing challenges.

The Operations Practice helps clients in a wide range of industries. High tech and telecommunications, the automotive and assembly industries, and metals and mining have the largest share of projects, but healthcare, banking and securities, travel and logistics, retail, hospitality, insurance, and consumer goods are close behind.

At McKinsey, you will have a chance to explore every area of operations:

  • product development
  • supply chain management
  • manufacturing
  • service operations
  • capital projects & infrastructure
  • procurement
  • implementation
  • quality, compliance and remediation

Our Operations Excellence Program is part of the McKinsey manufacturing service line and our internal academy for operational transformation expertise. In a two-year training program, we develop our junior consultants to become specialists with an emphasis on operational topics in one of our service lines. Over the past ten years, this hugely successful program has been expanded to include nine training centers in Madrid, London, Lyon, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Munich, Moscow, Johannesburg, and Dubai.

For more information about Operations, visit our global practice site.